Podcasting industry relationships breaks down the barriers


he beauty of listening to a podcast is not just its content, but where you can listen to one.  From at home while doing the housework, to the gym (post-COVID), the car, walking the dog to even while you’re taking a bath.  Podcasts have been around for nearly two decades, but the format has come into its own over the last five years. A proliferation of shows and investment from large companies like Spotify have all helped the medium blossom.

For myself, I listen to business, motivational and even comedy podcasts most days of the week, but I have never found one based on the people who do what I do i.e. work in the resource and construction sector.  Sure, there are podcasts that deal with the industry however, what about the people?  Who are they?  Why do they work in the industry?  And…what advice can they give me or more specifically, how can I understand the person to do business with them better.

Working within communications and the resource and construction sector for the last decade, I’m passionate about strategic business communications, engagement and events and connecting business to industry by implementing cutting-edge strategies and creative original ideas by telling  my clients business story right to create relationships that build their business.

For Resource Industry Media, everything is about creating relationships. We identify, bring together, and connect people to promote their business capabilities to industry, government and the wider community and our Connecting Industry Podcast has been created to do just that.

It’s our goal for the Connecting Industry Podcast to not only keep you up to date with the latest resource and construction news, information and procurement opportunities, but most importantly build relationships between you and our guests so you can connect with their stories and get a better understanding in how to communicate and tell your business story right.

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Kieran Moran.

  • Kieran Moran is the managing director of Resource Industry Media, a consultancy firm specialising in strategic business communications, engagement and events for the mining, engineering, manufacturing, construction and services sector.