Industry conference sustainably presents $5bn of procurement with purpose

WITH climate change at the forefront of the Australian public’s mind, a resource and construction company are calling on industry to contribute with purpose, where their social, economic, and environmental impact is minimal.

“We believe the resource and construction industry can no longer justify thousands of dollars on tickets, travel, food, and accommodation to attend an event and are asking all stakeholders to contribute with purpose based on sustainability,” Connecting Industry Director Tim O’Brien said.

Connecting Industry is a resource and construction industry events company that designs specific events where all attendees don’t need to travel to attend and still receive the right information and connect to the right people while never leaving the office.

“Connecting Industry events are online events designed to assist all tiers of the supply chain from SME’s through to large civil construction and engineering companies on the latest project and procurement information,” Mr O’Brien said.

“Through enhanced digital connectivity, Connecting Industry stage major procurement event opportunities for the resource and construction supply chain delivered online via live video streaming which allows attendees to network and have live face to face meetings with presenting projects, their teams, and all other attendees.”

First developed in Queensland due to COVID-19 last year, Mr O’Brien said due to its success and the low cost for businesses to attend, the event was again held in New South Wales in February earlier this year with the company now holding a Western Australian event on June 17.

“The Connecting Industry Conference WA features major construction, infrastructure, and renewable energy projects from across Western Australia presenting more than $5bn of procurement and tender opportunities for supply chain,” he said.

“Feedback from industry has indicated many businesses are now moving towards contributing with purpose where their social, economic, and environmental impact is minimal and online events, like Connecting Industry conferences, we believe are the way of the future.”

The Connecting Industry Conference WA will be held on June 17,2021. To find out more go to:

Projects presenting:

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