The Four Pillars of Business

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Purpose is the common ground, the intersection between your passion and talents and the needs of society. It is your vocation, the sweet spot where you can find true meaning and fulfillment. At Connecting Industry Communications we believe this idea applies to business as much as it does to individuals.

We believe the purpose of a great business is its reason for being. It defines its existence through its contribution to society which determines its goals and strategy. Underlying those fundamentals should be a set of values and beliefs that establish the business foundations in which it operates. Purpose is as fundamental to a business as our purposes, values and beliefs are to us as individuals. This purpose must be sufficiently compelling and inspiring to invigorate all of your stakeholders.

Connecting Industry Communications implements business foundations and long-term planning for our clients with what we call the Four Pillars of Business. The Four Pillars of Business incorporate:

• a Strategic Plan;
• a Business Plan;
• a Marketing Policy; and
• a Media, Communications and Stakeholder Plan.

The Four Pillars of Business are designed to create the foundations of your business now and into the future which ultimately creates purpose. Purpose fosters meaningful innovations and visionary ideas and helps your business navigate turbulent times. It injects greater power into your brands message, helps attracts the right employees and clients and generates higher financial results in the long run.

The creation of a Business Plan, Marketing Policy and a Media, Communications and Stakeholder Plan, begins with a strategic planning session and the creation of a Strategic Plan. A strategic planning session assists with defining business goals, strategy and direction and determines businesses values and purpose. At Connecting Industry Communications, we believe having a clear and inspiring organisational purpose makes a huge difference as it focuses a business’ energies and illuminates the path forward.

Please note: Connecting Industry Communications can deliver the Four Pillars of Business either individually, combined or as a complete set for your business.


Connecting Industry Communications managing director Kieran Moran joined the Australasian High Pressure Water Jetting Association (AUSJET), incorporating the Australasian Drain Cleaning and Vacuum Association (ADCVA), as a consultant to assist the associations in improving our membership engagement, social media presence and to put a growth strategy in place to grow the association.

In a 6-month period working part time, Kieran and his team facilitated strategic planning sessions with the Board, from the strategic planning session he developed an action plan, business plan, marketing media plan, and a communications and stakeholder plan. All the plans were detailed, well drafted and accepted unanimously by the Board.

Our association with Connecting Industry Communications has definitely been a positive one which has given AUSJET/ADCVA a strong foundation for future membership growth. Kieran and his team continue to work closely with our Board and I would not hesitate in recommending his services to anyone who has a need for a professional consultantPeter Jones, AUSJET/ADCVA Chairman.