Stakeholder Engagement

At Connecting Industry Communications, stakeholder engagement is about the entire ecosystem of business communications and creating value for all stakeholders because invested, engaged stakeholders will create a healthy, sustainable and successful business. Without this ecosystem of employees, customers, suppliers, funders, supportive communities, there is no chance of real success.

Stakeholder engagement is about understanding and communicating consciously with all stakeholders as their concerns and motivations can mean the difference between success and failure of any venture. Two-way communication is imperative to the success of any project or campaign as it requires thorough understanding of stakeholder concerns, issues and motivations.

Whether building a new project, or your organisation’s profile, stakeholder perception is crucial. From building projects, to driving organisational awareness, understanding and formulating positive stakeholder perceptions is crucial.

Connecting Industry Communications has represented small and large projects inside and outside of the resource sector and has consistently led the industry in adopting new methodologies in stakeholder engagement and through our extensive experience, we can make sure your project goals are achieved with the support of industry, government, and the community.


I have worked with Kieran both as a colleague and stakeholder and found him to be always the professionalGarry Scanlan, Economic Development Specialist, Gladstone Regional Council.

Connecting Industry Communications has a valuable and highly developed network of industry connections. I recently collaborated with RIM on a project that was very well executed, delivered in advance of the expected timeframe and to a level of quality where all stakeholders were extremely happy with the result. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kieran and his team for support, advice and quality events to help your business growth. In particular he is consistently able to connect people and businesses to achieve win/win outcomes and that is a rare but immensely valuable serviceTim O’Brien, WIC Group Pty Ltd.