Publicity & Media Relations

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Positive exposure in the news media is one of the most highly effective channels of communication, and over time greatly increases awareness in industry, the community and credibility for any business, government agency or not-for-profit.

Connecting Industry Communications has widespread and close contacts across the media spectrum, the ability to recognise what qualifies as news and what doesn’t, the skills to tell a story that creates action and to prepare media material quickly and accurately to the standards demanded by news organisations.

Our media training program educates you in how to react in an interview situation, what to say and more importantly what not to say, which can be enormously beneficial particularly for someone lacking confidence or not often exposed to the media.

Connecting Industry Communications training programs place clients in “live” interview situations, enabling a constructive critique that improves confidence, minimises technical flaws and allows executives to communicate effectively on behalf of their organisation.


Connecting Industry are highly professional, motivated and experienced. It was a pleasure to work with the business over the past few years collaborating together for resource and industry organisationsJessica Mckay, News Corp, Media Advertising Manager.