Connecting you to Industry

Business is all about making the right connections and building relationships. Despite, many believing making connections is about attending networking events, handing out business cards, or adding to their LinkedIn contacts, creating meaningful connections is more about building relationships through effective communications.

Connecting Industry Communications passion is strategic business communications, engagement and events. We don’t just aim for the target; we strategically direct your business aims specifically to attract potential clients to your product and/or services through purpose.

Purpose is the common ground, the intersection between your passion and talents and the needs of business and industry. Connecting Industry identifies your stakeholders, maps your needs, and use our industry connections to strategically position your business on the right table in order to create relationships that build great business.


Connecting Industry has a valuable and highly developed network of industry connections. I recently collaborated with Kieran on a project that was very well executed, delivered in advance of the expected timeframe and to a level of quality where all stakeholders were extremely happy with the result. I would have no hesitation in recommending Connecting Industry for support, advice and quality events to help your business growth. In particular he is consistently able to connect people and businesses to achieve win/win outcomes and that is a rare but immensely valuable service Tim O’Brien, WIC Group Pty Ltd.

I found the Connecting Industry event to be a valuable networking opportunity. There was a broad range of attendees whose knowledge and expertise will be of value to us in the future. Looking forward to working with themJason Floyd, General Manager Cracow Gold Mine, Evolution Mining.

An amazing business to provide local knowledge into their practices. Connecting Industry has shown through their industry meetings and events the power of their CQ networkGarry Douglas, Gladstone Training Services.